We Specialize in Dental Anesthesia for Children and Adults.

• Anesthesia rates are calculated based on length of time as given by your dentist. We can give you a close estimate of anesthesia costs based on the time needed to complete your dental treatment plan. Please call our office with the time given to you by your dental office and we will be happy to give you a cost estimate.

• We accept payment in the form of credit / debit cards or Carecredit.com http://Carecredit.com. All payments in cash will earn you a 5% discount. We do NOT accept checks of any kind.

• Upon reserving a date and time for your dental procedure with sedation a $ 600 will be due. This is a non-refundable deposit. Any rescheduling due to illness will need to be cleared by our office 48 hrs. in advance. Deposit will be forfeited if child or adult does not adhere to oral intake instructions listed here.

Anesthesia Oral intake / Fasting Guidelines For Limelight Group:

Ingested Material, Minimum Fasting Period

Clear liquids, 3 hrs.
Breast milk, 4 hrs.
Infant formula, 6 hrs.
Nonhuman milk, 6 hrs.
Light meal, 6 hrs.

• The fasting periods noted above apply to patients of all ages.

• No food after midnight - is safe to assume in all cases.

• These recommendations apply to healthy patients who are undergoing elective procedures. Any variation from above guidelines will be evaluated by your anesthesiologist on a case by case basis to insure your utmost safety. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any case based on clinical judgment.

• Examples of clear liquids include water, fruit juices without pulp, carbonated beverages, clear tea, and black coffee.

• A light meal typically consists of dry toast and clear liquids. Meals that include fried or fatty foods or meat may prolong gastric emptying time. Additional fasting time (e.g., 8 h or more) may be needed in these cases.

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