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sleep dentisry

Sleep Dentistry

Dr. Enrique Abreu
Limelight Group’s mission is to make dental procedures safe, more comfortable, and approachable to those who need it most. We provide deep sedation, and intravenous (IV) general anesthesia at your dental office.

We at Limelight sedation believe that a medical doctor that attended 4 years of medical school is the most qualified person to anesthetize you or your loved one. The difference lies in the training. We have not only seen the complications that can arise but know how to avoid and solve them if they should occur. There is no short 1 or 2 year course that will give you the experience necessary to see the clinical scenarios to make you a competent anesthesia practitioner.

This provides a few things for the dentist and patient:

• Comfortable dental experience with little to no memory of the events

• Decreased discomfort afterwards since stronger medications can be used

• Reduced procedure time since dentist can work more efficiently

Have you experienced anxiety during a dental visit?

Why not sleep during your next dental appointment? Click here to learn more.


• Is it safe?

Yes, millions of cases are performed every year using the medications we employ.
We use all of the same safety precautions and monitoring equipment that is used in a hospital operating room. Limelight group owns and travels with all of their own equipment.

-Defibrillator w/ pacer
-Anesthesia monitor w/ end-tidal CO2
-5-lead EKG

• Who is watching me while I'm asleep?

A medical anesthesiologist will be with you during your entire procedure, monitoring all of your vital signs constantly. This gives your dentist the peace of mind to focus on your dental work. See more about Dr. Abreu’s qualifications (HERE)

• What drugs are used?:

-Midazolam (Versed): anti-anxiety
-Propofol (Diprivan): sedative
-Ketalar (Ketamine): sedative/analgesic
-Fentanyl (sublimaze): opiate, analgesic
-Ketoralac (Toradol): anti-inflammatory

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